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The CrewExperienced crew

The crew is specially trained and is very experienced with this type of demanding navigation. They are eager to share their knowledge about birding and environment with you. They will also regale you with stories about people who went hunting in these areas under very difficult conditions. In addition to their regular trips, M/B Silja Star and M/B Silja are rented out to individuals and groups. For instance, you may rent the boat to sail out and watch the sunset on a beautiful summer evening. We do not only sail around the bird cliffs – we sail all over the Faroe Islands – all year round as long as the weather allows it. It is up to the customer to decide on the destination, because our boats can also be rented with crew. Among the common trips are excursions during the summer and to Mykines. Silja Star and Silja can also be rented for longer sailing trips. All the facilities are on board; you simply need to choose the trip you want. We have often seen whales and schools of pilot whales while sailing around the islands. This is possible because Silja Star has a tall quarterdeck with a good view of the horizon and Silja has a tall fly bridge, which makes it possible to see the whales from a great distance. These trips are particularly suitable for photographers, who wish to take beautiful pictures of the ocean around the Faroe Islands.