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Experience more nature in the Faroe Islands

Other kinds of outings

The Silja Star is very suitable for longer trips. The chairs and tables can be arranged to best suit your needs.

Many tour operators, travel bureaus, special interest groups, and businesses lease the boat to travel to different Faroe destinations.

Our special brochure shows most of our travel options.

Not all trips are earmarked for specific groups; other arrangements can be made. To see the latest opportunities, check our website. Tourist offices and hotels will also be able to update you on extra choices.

A variety of interesting trips include destinations to Mykines, Skuvoy, Koltur, Tjørnuvík, and even to Klaksvík.

Dinner on board

In connection with our sightseeing tours, we serve traditional Faroese meals or other food choices. Food can be purchased on board or after the tours in our ferry café in Vestmanna.

If your group wants a meal on the tour or in the ferry café, you must reserve in advance.

Weather conditions – tours alternative

Depending on weather conditions – tours alternate between Trøllkonufingur and Kongespiret.

Strong on-shore wind can prevent us from sailing to Vestmannabjørgini. One option we offer on these bad weather days is a trip to the 313-meter (approx. 1.000-foot) high spire of Trøllkonufingur on the south-easterly corner of Vágoy.

The boat tour takes 15 to 20 minutes more than the original trip, but the grottoes are more clustered so you can view them all at once.