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We can easily and comfortably sail around the Faroe Islands with our new boat, Silja Star.

Rent the boat as required

Sightseeing - BoatsSilja Star is very flexible and highly suited for longer trips. The boat can be adapted according to your requirements and wishes. Chairs and tables can be moved to give you exactly the space that you need.

Sample trips:

  • Complete experience trips – sail, experience, and dine in our new restaurant
  • Fishing trips
  • Charter trips – rent the boat and sail wherever you want to go in the Faroe Islands
  • VIP trips
  • Bachelor parties
  • Birthday trips
  • Exclusive team-building activities
  • Company outings
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Silja StarSiljaFrígerð

– an innovation in Faroese tourism

Silja StarSince we had Silja Star built, the boat has been praised for being the biggest sea-based innovation in Faroese tourism in recent years. It is definitely the most suitable boat for older passengers since the boat has sealed glazing units; thus, windows are always mist-free and offer passengers a clear and perfect view every single time.

The boat has been …

– a pioneer in Faroese tourism

SiljaSilja is the only fast-running P-BOAT in the Faroe Islands. It is 40 feet (0,971 Danish foot = 0,305 foot) long and equipped with 2 x 375 CAT engines that run separately – a significant extra safety measure. Silja is approved for 25 passengers by the Government Inspection of Ships and has rescue equipment for 41 passengers. Likewise, it is equipped with … Read more ..

– represents traditions

FrígerðThe trip to Vestmannabjørgini takes place in an open Faroese boat of the traditional type – a descendant of the Viking ships. M/B Frígerð is a very seaworthy 32-foot boat (0,971 Danish foot = 0,305 foot) with 130 HP, radar, GPS with video plotter, autopilot, echo sounder, VHF, and mobile phone as well as 6 fully automatic fishing wheels. Furthermore, stabilizers have been installed to make it friendlier to people suffering from seasickness. M/B Frígerð is approved for 23 passengers by the Government Inspection of Ships. The trip takes approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes … Read more ..

Dine and sail

In connection with our sightseeing trips, we can either serve traditional Faroese food or your preferred menu. The serving can take place onboard or after the trip in our “Ferry Café” in Vestmanna. Advance arrangements regarding dining details must be made prior to the trip.

Central location

Silja Stars’s homeport is generally Thorshavn, which makes sailing more flexible and ensures the possibility of reaching more destinations in a shorter period of time. We can sail to most places in Faroe Islands in less than two hours.