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Safety is always our main priority

More than 40 years experience

We have highly prioritized safety on board our boats; thus, we are able to navigate between cliffs and rocks without problems. All of our boats have the approval of the Government Inspection of Ships and have a high standard of safety for passengers. As an extra safety measure, each boat has an ISM Certification. We use the latest technology to communicate – radar, echo sounder, GPS with video plotter, VHF, and mobile phone. The boats have built-in stabilizers to prevent passengers from feeling seasick. Silja Star is approved for 48 passengers, Silja for 25 passengers and Fríðgerð, for 23 passengers. All travelers are insured in accordance with international legislation and standards. If safety is your priority and you want to experience what no one else is capable of, then your only choice is our company. We carry out the greatest precision work when we sail in small straits, pass between cliffs, and cut into caves, and you can feel completely safe knowing that we have more than 40 years experience.