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Map of Vestmanna

Map of Vestmanna

Vestmanna is a village in northwestern Streymoy in the Faroe Islands.

Here you will find the famous bird cliffs “Vestmannabjørgini”, which is probably one of the Faroe Islands most visited tourist attraction. Here you can see the 300 meter high rock face into the sea while enjoying the breathtaking views of the bird cliffs – an experience you will never forget.

Finding the way to Vestmanna

If you drive from Tórshavn by car it takes approx. 45 minutes driving to Vestmanna. By bus it takes approx. one hour.

Below you see our location in Vestmanna.

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Vestmannabjørgini 62.152324, -7.149954 Vestmannabjørgini Sp/F FO-350 Vestmanna Faroe Islands Tel. +298 42 41 55 Fax +298 42 43 83 info@vestmannabjorgini.fo www.vestmannabjorgini.fo